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Quick Questions

Do I need an appointment ? - No. We see patients on a first come first serve basis however, critical and urgent patients will be prioritized.

What is an emergency ? - Breathing difficulty, heart conditions, eye problems, ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, animal cat bite wounds, lacerations, trauma, hit by car (HBC), gun shot wound (GSW), heat stroke/overheating, pain/discomfort, poisoning, allergic reaction, ingestion of human medications and others. 
If its an emergency to you then it is an emergency which we can address.

Do you offer payement options ? - We do not offer any payment options, all payment is due at the time services are rendered. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Care Credit and Checks through Telecheck.

Does the Emergency Clinic make house calls ? - At at this time the veterinarian and staff do not make house calls. All cases are seen at the emergency clinic.

What can i expect if my pet needs to be euthanized ? - Unfortunately at times due to severity of a condition, age or quality of life concerns a beloved pet may have to be euthanized. We will compassionately discuss the best options available and inquire to best serve you and your pets needs at this difficult time.

What if a find a stray animal? - We will not be able to board the stray. If the animal does not have any visible identification, we can scan for a microchip.  If no microchip is present, we will be happy to assist in finding its home by posting a picture online and/or call Animal Control.

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